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Whether you're looking for a technical or general update or something more specialised, this year's course schedule has got it covered. All our courses and training can help you meet your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements for the year.

Working in partnership with BPP Professional Development, Europe's largest specialist training provider, there are over 190 face-to-face courses on offer from a wide range of topics, to give you greater choice and flexibility as to how you develop.

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05/09/2019Corporate Governance - introductionEdinburgh
10/09/2019Current tax for the busy practitionerGlasgow
10/09/2019How to become more confidentGlasgow
11/09/2019Current tax for the busy practitionerAberdeen
11/09/2019Improving your performance with emotional intelligenceGlasgow
12/09/2019Charity financial statements updateEdinburgh
12/09/2019Current tax for the busy practitionerInverness
12/09/2019Preparing meaningful strategic reportsGlasgow
12/09/2019Pensions accounting - a guide for accountantsGlasgow
12/09/2019Preparation and audit of charity accounts – an introductionEdinburgh
13/09/2019CFO of the future 2 - strategic managementEdinburgh
13/09/2019Current tax for the busy practitionerEdinburgh
13/09/2019International tax issues for companiesGlasgow
17/09/2019How to forecast and budget more effectivelyGlasgow
18/09/2019Auditing standards - current issues and developmentsAberdeen
18/09/2019Fraud, money laundering and briberyAberdeen
24/09/2019FRS 102 update and refresherEdinburgh
24/09/2019One stop guide to small company reportingEdinburgh
25/09/2019Corporate finance – introduction to capital raisingEdinburgh
25/09/2019Corporate finance – introduction to mergers and acquisitionsEdinburgh
25/09/2019Networking skills for accountantsEdinburgh
25/09/2019The effective use of social media for accountantsEdinburgh
26/09/2019Accounting for and auditing groupsGlasgow
26/09/2019Annual update for the audit teamGlasgow
26/09/2019Financial modelling - essential introductionEdinburgh
27/09/2019An introduction to corporate insolvencyEdinburgh
27/09/2019Effective communication and influencing skillsEdinburgh
30/09/2019Cyber securityEdinburgh


01/10/2019Budgeting demystifiedGlasgow
01/10/2019Forecasting, planning and budgeting techniques - with ExcelEdinburgh
01/10/2019FRS 102 and taxationGlasgow
02/10/2019Communicating Financial Information with ImpactGlasgow
02/10/2019Excel VBA for finance professionalsEdinburgh
03/10/2019Data analysis with Excel - introductionGlasgow
03/10/2019Management accounting - adding value beyond the numbersEdinburgh
04/10/2019Data analysis with Excel - intermediateGlasgow
04/10/2019Motivating and managing peopleGlasgow
07/10/2019Data analysis with Excel - intermediateAberdeen
08/10/2019An introduction to the audit of pension schemesGlasgow
08/10/2019Pension scheme accounts following FRS 102 and SORPGlasgow
16/10/2019CFO of the future 3 - cost and profitability analysisEdinburgh
16/10/2019Contractor tax (including IR35)Edinburgh
16/10/2019Farming, diversification and renewablesEdinburgh
17/10/2019Cradle to grave - tax planning for individuals and familiesGlasgow
18/10/2019Negotiating skillsEdinburgh
18/10/2019Solvent solutions for companiesEdinburgh
23/10/2019Tax errors - the accountants' top fortyGlasgow
23/10/2019Taxation of doctors and dentistsGlasgow
24/10/2019Tax refresher for those returning to practiceGlasgow
28/10/2019LLP accounts - current issues and refresherEdinburgh
28/10/2019Problems and pitfalls in company reporting and auditingEdinburgh
29/10/2019One stop guide to small company reportingAberdeen
30/10/2019Enhancing personal resilience at workEdinburgh
30/10/2019One stop guide to small company reportingEdinburgh
31/10/2019Managing virtual teamsEdinburgh
31/10/2019The New Corporate Insolvency Rules for Scotland – recap and reflectionGlasgow


01/11/2019Auditing standards - current issues and developmentsGlasgow
01/11/2019Fraud, money laundering and briberyGlasgow
01/11/2019The New Corporate Insolvency Rules for Scotland – recap and reflectionAberdeen
05/11/2019FRS 102 update and refresherGlasgow
05/11/2019One stop guide to small company reportingGlasgow
06/11/2019Communicating Financial Information with ImpactEdinburgh
06/11/2019International VAT & Customs Duties appreciation- including Brexit issuesEdinburgh
06/11/2019Practical VAT workshopEdinburgh
07/11/2019Budgeting demystifiedEdinburgh
07/11/2019Charities update - what's newEdinburgh
07/11/2019The New Corporate Insolvency Rules for Scotland – recap and reflectionEdinburgh
08/11/2019Charities update - what's newGlasgow
08/11/2019Directors conduct reportingEdinburgh
08/11/2019Harnessing Artificial IntelligenceGlasgow
11/11/2019Finance Directors' UpdateAberdeen
12/11/2019Financial Awareness for Non-finance Managers - EssentialsEdinburgh
12/11/2019How to Forecast & Budget More EffectivelyEdinburgh
13/11/2019Charities update - what's newInverness
13/11/2019Financial Awareness for Non-finance Managers - AdvancedEdinburgh
13/11/2019Tax Planning for Unincorporated BusinessesInverness
14/11/2019Charities update - what's newAberdeen
14/11/2019Effective Communication & Influencing SkillsGlasgow
14/11/2019Enhance your finance business partner skillsEdinburgh
14/11/2019Essential Tax Update for the Accountant in Practice or EmploymentAberdeen
14/11/2019FRS 102 Revisions, Talking Points & Distributable ProfitsEdinburgh
14/11/2019GDPR - a comprehensive introductionEdinburgh
14/11/2019How to Produce a Good SME Audit FileEdinburgh
14/11/2019The City & Financial Markets - IntroductionEdinburgh
15/11/2019Corporation Tax Refresher & UpdateAberdeen
15/11/2019Investment Banking in a DayEdinburgh
15/11/2019The New Corporate Insolvency Rules for Scotland – recap and reflectionPerth
18/11/2019CFO of the Future 4 - Flexible Planning & Rolling ForecastsEdinburgh
18/11/2019Finance Directors' UpdateGlasgow
19/11/2019Business AnalyticsEdinburgh
19/11/2019How to Become More Confident Edinburgh
19/11/2019Introduction to ExcelGlasgow
20/11/2019Improving your Performance with Emotional IntelligenceEdinburgh
20/11/2019Intermediate ExcelGlasgow
21/11/2019IFRS 17 - Insurance ContractsGlasgow
21/11/2019IFRS Changes - what you need to know Glasgow
21/11/2019International Tax Issues for CompaniesEdinburgh
25/11/2019Fraud, Money Laundering & Bribery Edinburgh
25/11/2019Solicitors' Accounts RulesEdinburgh
26/11/2019How to Win New Business & Develop RelationshipsEdinburgh
27/11/2019Faster Financial ClosingGlasgow
27/11/2019Finance Directors' UpdateEdinburgh
27/11/2019FRS 102/105 workshop for small and micro companiesEdinburgh
27/11/2019IFRS 15 and IFRS 16Edinburgh
28/11/2019Accounting for and Auditing GroupsEdinburgh
28/11/2019Annual Update for the Audit TeamEdinburgh
28/11/2019Corporate Governance - IntroductionGlasgow


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