5 tips for your career

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By Andrew Penker, Director of People

3 October 2016

Gold-dust advice from our Career Conversations event held in Glasgow

1. Join the dots at the end

Don’t always make decisions about your career in a completely structured and objective way. Listen to your ‘gut instinct’ and trusted friends and colleagues. Sign up for an ICAS Career Mentor too.

2. Four glass balls and a rubber ball

If you imagine life has four glass balls that represent: Family; Health; Friends and Integrity, and a rubber ball for your Career. Make decisions that mean you don't drop the glass balls. Your career can bounce and you can pick it back up; find the balance so you don’t drop the glass balls.

3. It’s about you

Get to know and understand yourself better; 

  • use psychometric profiles
  • gain insight about yourself from others
  • get to know what you love doing and keep doing it

Tune into others; if you’re going to manage or lead them, then you need to know yourself and how you can relate to them to be effective.  

When your organisation looks for leaders, they’ll look to you. Learn how to act as the leader you want to be.

4. No shortcuts

Think total application of effort and hard work. Commit to high performance at work.

5. Find out who’s sitting next to you

As you travel into work, attend meetings or events or conferences and engage in social activities, act with kindness, sincerity, warmth, compassion and humanity. You may be sitting next to the person who holds the key to your next career move. 

Career Conversations are a series of member events that take a highly innovative approach using a small group of highly respected members to tell the headline story of their career, and answers questions by attendees.  

The best event I have ever attended. ICAS Member

Other mentoring opportunities from ICAS

Career mentoring is not the only fantastic mentoring opportunity provided by ICAS. The ICAS Foundation, which aims to support academically talented young people into university, offers mentoring opportunities for CAs. All ICAS Foundation mentors will be supporting students or school pupils who want to go to university to study accountancy or finance.

ICAS is also keen to support business growth through our business mentoring programme; giving our membership access to an experienced mentor who can provide valuable support to those starting out or seeking growth.

ICAS will be relevant to our members throughout their careers with high-quality professional development. We want to enable you to engage and build networks which sustain your professional identity; achieving the highest standards of professional practice will also influence the future of the profession in the public interest. Career Mentoring is part of our Make Your Professional Development Count programme.


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