Career Mentoring Programme - Overview

ICAS Career Mentoring - the only global virtual career mentoring programme in the UK. It creates global career conversations for CAs by CAs and presents a unique opportunity to help the careers of other members.

How does it work?

Career Mentoring combines a sophisticated mentor/mentee matching system with a straightforward sign-up process.

Prospective mentors and mentees are asked a number of questions focusing on their location, sector experience and when they are available. Using these criteria, the Career Mentoring programme presents the mentee with a choice of mentors who best fit their needs.

Who is it for?  

The ICAS Career Mentoring Programme is available to all ICAS members and presents a unique opportunity to help shape the careers of other members. 

By drawing on their wealth of experience and passing it on to the next generation, mentors will help strengthen the world-renowned quality and integrity associated with being a CA. As for the mentee, they will gain rare insight and guidance from a trusted CA.

Maximise your potential

Mentoring has challenged me to think about the things that matter in my career. Alexandra Black CA, ICAS career mentee.

It's easy to sign up and there's over 500 CAs are already signed up to the programme. We want you to sign up with us and experience the power of mentoring in the next chapter of your career.

The best part of the programme is working with young accountants who are full of ambition, but not quite clear on the path they should follow. Graeme Reid CA, ICAS career mentor.

Video: why mentoring matters

Watch our short video and hear Jann Brown (ICAS past President) talk about how the programme's key benefits and how easy it is to sign up.

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