ICAS launches two calls for research on Technology

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By Marie Gardner, Head of Research, ICAS

7 August 2019

The CA Agenda, our thought leadership and insight series, brings three big issues facing our profession into sharp relief: Technology, Trust and Talent.

On Technology, multiple issues are confronting the profession, business and the wider public and need to be addressed.  The evolution of artificial intelligence coupled with automation and robotics are changing traditional roles and creating entirely new ones.  Where these developments may create challenges, they also create formidable opportunities.

Hugh Shields CA, who is Global Director (Accounting) with Huawei Technologies and ICAS Special Consultant, Technology and AI, explains that "if we can harness the upside and manage the downside of technology, ICAS can set the agenda for the accounting profession and we can contribute to society more broadly".

How will rapid advances in technology re-shape the way that business, accountancy and audit functions operate? How will new technologies be regulated in the public interest and how will knock-on effects on jobs be monitored? What opportunities will new technologies bring to accountancy and business, and how can CAs stay ahead of the curve and prepare for change? With an exponential rate of change that will dwarf that of the average human, a light must be shone on the questions that face us.

Against this background, ICAS is launching a programme of research on the topic of Technology, starting with two calls for academic research:

  • Real and quick-time data: A challenge to reporting and assurance?
  • Ethics and technology: What are the challenges to the profession?

Research projects must primarily be relevant to the accounting profession.  ICAS will however also support projects which will consider impacts on other activities and professions.  Likewise, research teams needn’t be solely composed of accounting academics, with multi-disciplinary teams encouraged.

The deadline for the submission of formal research funding applications is 30 September 2019 – for further information contact the team.

‘Real and quick-time data: A challenge to reporting and assurance?’

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‘Ethics and technology: What are the challenges to the profession?’

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