ICAS launches AML Scheme for CIPFA Firms


ICAS and CIPFA are excited to announce the latest development in their strategic alliance. From today, all accountancy practices with principals who are a member of CIPFA can register with ICAS for Anti-Money Laundering (AML) supervision.

CIPFA withdrew its practice assurance scheme and is now delighted to be able to offer its members an alternative to registering with the default regulator HM Revenue and Customs.

What is AML supervision?

Under the Money Laundering Regulations any firms providing accountancy services must be registered with an AML Supervisor.

Why should a CIPFA firm apply to be registered with ICAS?

Firms registering with ICAS will benefit from the following:

  • An experienced & qualified monitoring and regulation team who have been in practice and understand the accountancy sector;
  • A valuable monitoring visit, which will not just be regulatory but will offer help and advice;
  • Support to firms that need to make improvements;
  • Free access to our website including our AML guidance and support area;
  • Free Access to our AML helplines;
  • Discounted prices on our practice procedures manual, which includes AML procedures;
  • Discounted prices for any AML training courses.

Questions? Contact us: regulatoryauthorisations@icas.com, 0131 347 0286.

ICAS AML Application Form

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