How can a specialist qualification benefit my career?

By Vikki Douglas, Programme Manager, ICAS Professional Development

5 June 2019

Are you recently qualified and wondering what the next steps are to progress your career?

Maybe you’ve been qualified for several years and have gained plenty of practical work experience but you’re thinking of undertaking an additional qualification to help boost your skills and improve your career prospects or perhaps you’ve had a recent career break and are considering a qualification to help jump back into working life.

Whatever your unique circumstances, a professional qualification can certainly benefit your career. Read on to learn how.

It gives you more credibility

Holding a professional qualification can help increase your credibility. This is especially beneficial to CAs who wish to demonstrate mastery within a specialist field. Your qualification may help you find more business because clients often feel reassured that they’re in the hands of a fully qualified professional.

It offers opportunity for progression within your role

Nobody wants to remain static. You should want to learn, grow, and enjoy your daily activities, otherwise your job may become stale. Gaining a qualification can help you to progress in your current role by adding more skills to your arsenal and helping you to try something new.

There’s more scope for a promotion within your organisation

Having a professional qualification under your belt can certainly make a promotion easier. It’s important to have professional experience, but if you’ve been in your job for a while and are wondering how you can take the next step then it’s worth considering an extra qualification. It will show your employer that you’re committed and eager to move forward in your career and may give you the necessary skills to handle the extra responsibilities that would come with a potential promotion.

It will add to your CV and may help you to get specific target roles

If you’re looking for your next job, obtaining a formal qualification can do wonders for your CV. Having the right qualification might get you through the door by giving you an edge over other applicants who don’t have the same skills. Maybe you aren’t just looking to find a new job - maybe you want to work in a completely different sector? Jobs within a particular sector can require a qualification for entry. For example, becoming an insolvency practitioner.

It can help you bounce back after a career break

After a career break, employers may want to know why you took a career break, what you’ve been up to, and whether you’ve used your time productively. Therefore, working towards a professional qualification can be a great way to show prospective employers that you’ve been productive and are also a great way to get back into the swing of things.

It may lead to higher earning potential

Qualifications aren’t everything, as employers also value experience. However, it’s well-reported that people with professional qualifications enjoy a higher earning potential on average than people without professional qualifications. Depending on your circumstances, this might be reason enough for you to consider another qualification.

At ICAS we offer a range of specialist qualifications and programmes with our trusted training partners, to help you in developing the required skills, knowledge and professional abilities that you will need to succeed in the future. Discover more about the range of qualifications available this Autumn.

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