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Learning to think of your career journey as a series of challenges and development opportunities can have a hugely beneficial effect on your ability to succeed.

A shift in focus of your personal and professional goals towards a positive growth model rather than fixed ambitions may present more potential for continued achievement.

Our mindsets are shaped by our experiences and underlying values. They dictate how we view the world and our journey through it. However, it is possible to take control and adopt a new way of thinking.

In this short video, Executive Coaches Thomas Chalmers and Russell Borland talk about the importance of adopting a Growth Mindset and explain how the ICAS Masterminds Executive Coaching Programme can promote innovative thinking and accelerate the career growth of CAs and high performing leaders.


What is a 'Growth Mindset'?

As opposed to, for example, 'fixed' or 'benefit' mindsets that have singular goals, a 'growth' mindset avoids a narrowed focus and is open to new ideas and opportunities.

People who prescribe to this way of thinking are constantly looking for ways to improve how they do what they do, developing their strengths to attain higher levels of achievement and ability.

Leading Figures, experts in coaching and consulting for finance and business professionals, have produced the ICAS Masterminds Executive Coaching Programme to promote innovative thinking and accelerate the career growth of CAs.

Future cohorts commence from 21 September in Edinburgh and 26 September in London. An early bird 50% discount is available until 31 August 2017. Spaces are limited to eight places per cohort –  book now to avoid disappointment!


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