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Online Course

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There is nothing difficult or mystical about Activity Based Costing - on the contrary, it is based on simple, common sense concepts and practical methods. It seeks to drive much greater cost understanding across all of an organisation's operations, enabling management to take smarter decisions driving real business benefits through to the bottom line. Yet many who tried lost focus, introducing impractical complexity along with time and cost, into implementations - making them largely unworkable and unsustainable. This course gets back to the basics of ABC principles and demonstrates how it can be practically adopted with a minimum of pain and fuss.

What you will learn

  • What drives the need for ABC - the world of growing overhead
  • Understanding the simple principles of ABC - KISS, keep it simple stupid!
  • Implementation made easy - a framework for successful implementation along with practical tips and methods
  • How ABC changes our view of costs and profit, paving the way for different management thinking

Who should attend

Those who would like to acquire these skills with the aim of progressing their career. Finance professionals with responsibility for cost management.

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  • Using Activity based costing to make smarter decisions and avoid the overhead trap
  • Understand the principles, operation and application of Activity based costing
  • Taking a practical approach on implementing activity based costing within your organisation.
  • Assess the impact that ABC has on our view costs of costs and profits for our customers, products and services.


Online Course


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