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You’ve got the business, the product outputs and the staff, but what about a CA? Training an ICAS Chartered Accountant (CA) can do wonders for your business, including financial growth and reduced outgoing costs.

Plenty of organisations and corporations will employ accountants to record real-time transactions, and advise on tax, planning, retirement and investment. An accountant does not need a specific qualification to practice, other than HMRC registration; legally, anyone can with accounting abilities can be employed as an accountant.

By contrast, a chartered accountant has undertaken extensive post-graduate training and is regulated by the official institution of which they are a member, such as ICAS. Our CAs will study for at least three years to test competence, professional skills and professional expertise, as well as business ethics.

All ICAS CAs study:

Business LawBusiness ManagementFinancial Accounting & Reporting
AuditingTaxationAssurance & Business Systems

This enables our members to fully understand accounting concepts, principles and techniques and give professional advice to businesses in real-life situations. ICAS CAs are taught the knowledge, skills and values that will help your business successfully grow.

Our CAs are able to use their knowledge to analyse any given problem and then explain and execute an acceptable professional judgement.

Businesses may not think they need to hire a chartered accountant if someone in the organisation has existing accounting skills, but could they be relied upon to undertake mergers, value share prices, reduce tax costs or advise on growth? Your business needs someone who has been consistently tested and approved to deliver a high standard of work and analytical abilities.

You want to grow your business, now what?

The people who should grow your business are not necessarily the same people who started it. You need someone with business, financial and analytical skills; someone who knows the system inside-out and can evaluate growth methods in a strategic manner, guided by your vision.

Your business needs someone who can secure capital, discover the money pits and strengthen credit sheets. How much money will you need to expand, and where will it come from? Who will construct your business plan with accurate financial forecasting?

Perhaps you need to reduce your tax burden and production costs but can’t see the wood from the trees. Your shareholders, investors or partners will have questions as to when profit will arise.

CAs are one-part business advisor, one-part accountant, and developing them as part of your team will help you move towards further growth.

How do I train a CA?

The CA qualification combines professional study with practical, relevant work experience, and trainees must hold and complete a training contract with one of our ICAS Authorised Training Office's (ATO) – an organisation that has been authorised by ICAS in conjunction with providing the CA qualification.

It’s straightforward and free to become an ICAS Authorised Training Office and organisations of all sizes and industry can train the CA qualification. From Practice, Industry or Public Sector, all that’s required is demonstrating that your organisation can meet the training objectives.

By offering the CA qualification, you will be able to attract outstanding talent and equip your business with the expertise needed to succeed. Find out more about the advantages of becoming ATO by downloading our CA Education brochures.

Your next greatest business asset could be a CA.


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