What sort of Brexit deal should the UK get?

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James Barbour By James Barbour, Director, Technical Policy

8 August 2016

James Barbour, Director, Technical Policy, looks at the results of a recent poll of the views of people in EU on Brexit related matters.  

With national elections set to take place in Germany and France in 2017, the views of the respective electorates may well have an impact on the mind-sets of their leaders who will play a key role in the Brexit negotiations. 

That’s why the recent YouGov poll on the views of the people in several EU member states, including Germany and France, makes interesting reading.

In each of the member states surveyed most people believed that the UK should only get a free trade deal if it agrees to the free movement of people. In Germany and France, the respective percentages were 47% and 44%. 

Not surprisingly, a significant share of the UK population (42%) believed that the UK should get a deal on free trade without a reciprocal deal on the free movement of people.

It is also noticeable that the Germans and the French do not believe that the UK should get a generous Brexit deal. 

Only 31% and 26% respectively believed this to be the case, in contrast to 54% in both countries who believed otherwise.  

The poll also revealed that there are significant minorities of people in Germany (25%) and France (26%) who are minded that the EU should refuse any free trade deal with the UK.

Source: YouGov


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