Voluntary opportunities for members at ICAS

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By David Wood, Executive Director, Technical Policy

10 January 2018

Retiring and career break members are invited to play an important part in the work of ICAS.

ICAS is very fortunate in having a loyal member base, and a large number of members involved in its committees and boards.  In that way, ICAS remains a true member body, with members contributing to, overseeing and often directing the work of the Institute.

We are very aware that many members, when they retire or wind down their workload, wish to remain active and involved in business or practice related matters but on a part-time or temporary basis. ICAS is keen to involve such members on a voluntary basis in various aspects of its work.

Similarly, members taking career breaks may also wish to be involved with ICAS during their career break or as part of a staged return to work.

Although this work would be voluntary, there are many potential benefits to those members who volunteer:

  • Undertaking interesting work which contributes to your professional body and to your profession.
  • Meeting new and interesting people from a variety of different business backgrounds.
  • Improved awareness of a broad range of matters affecting business and the profession.
  • Ability to influence future policy changes.
  • Better understanding of different perspectives of fellow members.
  • Better understanding of the rationale for policy change
  • CPD.

ICAS  pays incidental expenses in travelling to one of the ICAS offices or in relation to any other activity being undertaken on ICAS’ behalf.

We would be keen to engage retired and career break members in our work for one or possibly two days per week, in a discrete area of work which would be of interest to them.  This could be for a specific period or a more flexible, open–ended timescale.

If you would be interested in helping out in this way, please could you contact me, using the contact details below.  In the first instance, I would hope to have a short discussion on your areas of interest and how you might like to help. I would then seek to identify any opportunities within ICAS, such as specific projects or discrete initiatives, which you might find interesting and worthwhile and where you could use your expertise and experience.

If you would like to assist ICAS in this way, please do practice-related.


  • Development of the profession

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