ICAS calls for views on Scottish business rates reform

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James Barbour By James Barbour, Director Technical Policy

9 August 2016

Members are asked to contribute to the Scottish Government consultation on reform of the business rates system.

The Scottish Government has established the Barclay review group to make recommendations that seek to enhance and reform the business rates system in Scotland. The aim is to better support business growth and long term investment, and reflect changing marketplaces. The group will report to ministers in July 2017.

ICAS is keen to respond to this consultation but will need informed input from our members in order to do so. Members are therefore invited to contribute their views to the ICAS Technical Team before 26 September, 2016.

The consultation paper contains only one question:

“How would you redesign the business rates system to better support business and incentivise investment?“

However, it adds: “When formulating your response you may wish to consider the following points:

  • How your suggestion will support business and investment?
  • Whether the impact will be universal or sector/region specific?
  • If it will carry a cost to the Scottish Government and how this could be met from within the rating system?
  • Whether your suggestion will reduce or increase costs for some or all ratepayers?
  • If there is any evidence you can supply to support your suggestion.”

Please contact the ICAS Technical Team with your comments.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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