TPR seeks the assistance of business advisers to engage with new employers

By Christine Scott, Head of Charities and Pensions

28 July 2017

The Pensions Regulator (TPR) is seeking to engage directly with new employers and potential new employers about auto-enrolment, with the assistance of accountants and other business advisers.

New employers’ duties

TPR is responsible for helping employers comply with their automatic enrolment duties.

Even employers with only one member of staff have legal duties to comply with by a specific deadline. Employers need to assess their staff and, if they meet certain criteria, put them into a pension scheme. They also need to let their staff know what they’ve done and make a formal declaration of compliance to TPR.

Up until now, employers have been allocated a staging date (the date their auto-enrolment duties start), with TPR writing to them in advance to advise them of what they need to do to meet their duties, and by when. This will change from October 2017, when new employers will have instant auto-enrolment duties, meaning that their duties will start from the first day a member of staff starts working for them.

As TPR will not be able to communicate directly with new employers ahead of their duties start date, the regulator is working with other organisations, like ICAS, to ensure that new employers are made aware of their duties by their accountant or other business adviser.

Opportunity for new employers to engage with TPR

TPR is keen to ensure that the information and support it provides meets the needs of new employers and is seeking to engage with organisations which have recently become employers for the first time, or are thinking of taking on staff in the future.

Therefore, TPR is holding a free event ‘New employers and automatic enrolment – Do you know how and when this will apply to you?’ on Thursday 7th September at The Radisson Blu Hotel, Edinburgh from 10am – 12pm.

This is an opportunity for new employers and organisations thinking of taking on staff for the first time to discuss the process of auto-enrolment directly with TPR staff and to provide feedback to them on the how best TPR can help them meet their duties

If you have any clients who have recently become employers for the first time, or are thinking of becoming an employer in the future, and who are interested in attending this session please email to reserve their place.


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