TPR auto-enrolment update for business advisers

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By The Pensions Regulator

12 July 2017

TPR updates business advisers on how to support clients, particularly smaller employers, in complying with their auto-enrolment duties, including a reminder of some on-going requirements.

Make sure you know if your clients are expecting you to complete and submit a Declaration of Compliance on their behalf

Employers need to complete a Declaration of Compliance within five months of their staging date (or duties start date) to tell The Pensions Regulator (TPR) how they have met their automatic enrolment duties and whether they had anyone to put into a pension or not.

Employers who were late declaring their compliance have told TPR that they thought that this task was being done by someone else; either by their pension provider or their business adviser.

Help your clients to avoid a fine by making sure the Declaration of Compliance is completed and submitted on time.  TPR has a checklist on their website to help.

Are your clients aware that every time they take on a new member of staff, they need to establish whether they are eligible for auto-enrolment?

TPR carries out spot checks on employers across the UK to make sure they are complying with their workplace pensions duties.

As well as finding out whether a member of staff will need to be enrolled into a workplace pension scheme (from the first day they start work), employers also have other ongoing duties.  They need to monitor the ages and the amount they pay existing staff on an ongoing basis to see if any need to be put into a pension scheme, manage requests to leave/join the scheme, as well as keep records of what they’ve done.

TPR has guidance on what employers need to do to meet their ongoing legal duties for automatic enrolment.

Do you have clients who are thinking of employing someone for the first time?  Do you know when their duties will start?

The date your client starts to have automatic enrolment duties will depend on when they first became an employer.

Taking on staff is an essential part of growing a business.  If a client is thinking of taking someone on for the first time, there are several things to consider, and automatic enrolment is just one of those steps; new employers risk a fine if they do not comply with the law on time.

The Pensions Regulator has produced a useful summary table which provides an overview of when their duties will come into effect.


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