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11 July 2016

The latest ICAS paper in The Power of One series emphasises the importance of ethical leadership to a CA’s personal reputation, and the fact that a reputation can be easily lost.

ICAS has published the latest paper in The Power of One series which focuses on ‘Personal Reputation’.

All CAs are called on to demonstrate personal responsibility, ethical leadership and moral courage throughout their careers. Alongside this, members are encouraged to consider their actions and to reflect on how these can impact on their reputation, and that of their organisation and the profession.

The paper encourages self-reflection. It emphasises that a CA must uphold the highest standards of individual behaviour but also, if others within an organisation are behaving unethically, the CA has an obligation to highlight it and seek to influence, and modify, behaviour going forward.

It is recognised that this will not always be easy – ethical leadership requires ‘moral courage’ – however the reality is if a CA suspects impropriety and does nothing, the CA could be found guilty of condoning it, and could potentially be implicated in a scandal at a later date.

Personal Reputation emphasises the need for all CAs to be aware of the consequences of their actions - or inaction.

David Wood, ICAS Executive Director Technical Policy, said: “This paper reminds all members that it can take a lifetime to build one’s reputation but that it can be destroyed in just moments. It is not just about the action which a CA takes – it can also be about failure to take action.

“Through the Power of One initiative, ICAS is seeking to support members in demonstrating ethical leadership and being a force for good in the business environment.”

Download the Personal Reputation paper.


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