Tax Board


The Tax Board reports to the ICAS Policy Leadership Board, which reports directly to the ICAS Oversight Board and to the ICAS Council.

The Tax Board has 5 Committees:


To be relevant: The Tax Board will seek to be relevant to ICAS members’ interests throughout their training and subsequent careers and in all of the main locations in which ICAS members serve the sector, by issuing guidance and keeping members informed of relevant developments.

To be a community: The Tax Board will be connected with ICAS members involved with tax through a variety of ICAS communication channels which will engage members and keep them informed about tax and related matters. This will help ensure that our members deliver a high standard of service to their employers, their clients, and others. Tax and ITP awareness should be promoted amongst students and members. The Board will participate in the ICAS tax community.

To be trusted: The Tax Board will work with the Ethics Board and with other ICAS departments in ensuring that ICAS members are aware of any specific Rules or ethical requirements including the Professional Conduct in Relation to Taxation guidance.

To be influential: The Tax Board will seek to deploy a public voice which offers independent, timely, insightful and practical guidance on taxation and related matters of interest to the public, tax professionals, government, regulatory and other stakeholders.

To be sustainable: The Tax Board will seek to be mindful of ICAS policies relating to its objective of operating in a sustainable way, both financially and reputationally, with full regard to the environmental and social impact of the organisation and its people.


The Tax Board meets three times a year.


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