Surveys on small business tax administration and the HMRC pages of GOV.UK

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By Susan Cattell, Head of Taxation (England and Wales)

24 November 2016

ABAB’s latest surveys are valuable opportunities to raise concerns about the way small business tax is administered and the HMRC pages of GOV.UK, as Susan Cattell explains.

What is ABAB?

The Administrative Burdens Advisory Board (ABAB) is an independent board that exists to make a noticeable difference for small business by supporting HM Revenue & Customs to help make tax easier, quicker and simpler.

The Board has teeth, providing robust independent scrutiny of and challenge to HMRC’s performance. ABAB is made up of individuals who run small businesses, as well as representatives (in their private capacity) from bodies that understand tax, serve small businesses and know and understand their needs.  None of its members are from HMRC.

Surveys closing 1 December

ABAB wants to hear from small businesses about how HMRC could improve tax administration for them.  It wants to understand what works well and what doesn't work well, and it wants to hear ideas for making things better.

ABAB also wants to hear from small businesses about how the HMRC pages of GOV.UK work for them.  They want views to help them work with HMRC to influence and target future improvements.

It is inviting input on these questions in two short online surveys that close on Thursday 1 December.

The timing of ABAB's surveys is tricky - given that many businesses are coping with pre-Christmas pressures, while those interested in tax are studying the more immediate implications of the Autumn Statement.

Nonetheless, ICAS is keen that its members are aware of the surveys and can use them to raise points of concern.  The surveys contain simple questions, and don’t ask for any private information such as business name or address, email address or telephone number.

The survey on the HMRC pages of GOV.UK can be found at GOV.UK online survey.

The survey on small business administration can be found here.

For further information about ABAB or to access its previous reports and minutes of its meetings, you should visit ABAB website.


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