Your thoughts on recent audit reforms

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By David Wood, Senior Director Policy Leadership, ICAS

15 June 2018

How have the recent EU reforms to audit affected you? Share your views with academic experts.

Are you interested in the impact of the proposed reforms to audit in the UK?   Are you someone with a professional knowledge and expertise in this area?

ICAS members are invited to contribute to an independent non-sponsored university research project looking at the implementation and impact in the UK of the recent EU reforms to audit.

The questionnaire seeks the perceptions of various stakeholders in the audit and assurance markets of the recent enacted reforms to audit in the UK and Europe, the motivations behind those reforms, and further what major challenges remain, including issues around market competition.

The survey will take 10-15 minutes to complete and your participation will be greatly appreciated.

Any personal details including name and contact details will be kept confidential. Complete anonymity is ensured.

For further information contact the researchers: Dr. Ilias Basioudis at Aston University UK or Dr. Michael Kend at RMIT Australia.


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