Remember remember auto-enrolment in November

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By Christine Scott, Assistant Director, Charities and Pensions

14 November 2016

Christine Scott highlights issues for business advisers to consider as auto-enrolment implementation continues and re-enrolment duties for some employers kick in. 

Also, don’t forget in the run up to Christmas that employers also need to consider their auto-enrolment responsibilities towards seasonal staff.

Setting up a workplace pension scheme – is your client’s payroll software compatible?  

In order for your client to make pension contributions into a workplace pension scheme on behalf of their staff, information will need to be exchanged between their payroll software and their chosen pension scheme provider.  

It’s important to check if your client’s payroll software or process will work with their pension scheme to allow easy transfer of data between the two.

For more information, go to The Pensions Regulator website.

Helping your clients with automatic enrolment?  Make sure you are clear about who’s doing what

Completing a declaration of compliance is one of a number of tasks an employer needs to do as part of their automatic enrolment duties.  Failure to complete and submit the declaration of compliance to The Pensions Regulator (TPR) could result in a fine on the employer.

One of the reasons given by employers for missing their declaration of compliance deadline is that they thought that somebody else was completing this on their behalf.  Find our when your client’s declaration of compliance deadline is to ensure that it is submitted on time.

For more information and to complete the declaration, go to The Pensions Regulator website.

Does your client employ seasonal or temporary staff?  Automatic enrolment duties will apply

If your client employs seasonal staff over the Christmas period, or has staff whose pay and hours fluctuate, then they will have automatic duties. They will need to take into account:

  • Their varying earnings and hours
  • That they may join and leave in the middle of pay periods

For more information on dealing with seasonal workers, including checking software and using postponement, go to The Pensions Regulator website.

Re-enrolment and nomination

TPR will write to your clients to remind them about their re-enrolment duties.  Re-enrolment is a legal duty which means that employers need to re-enrol staff who opted out of automatic enrolment every three years.

To find out what your clients need to do and by when, and how you can help them, go to The Pensions Regulator website.


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