The stones have spoken

Home of Scottish Chartered Accountants 1891-2000.

1 January 2000
Sam McKinstry
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A marvellous story forthrightly told and lavishly illustrated with the aid of colour. A tale of rampant capitalism, political string-pulling, elegant parties, notable enlightenment figures in wigs and tricorn hats, true love and famous artists, reckless entrepreneurs, Victorian piety, philanthropy and much more, all set in the classical elegance of New Town Edinburgh. 

With accountants involved as property developers, residents, guests, arriviste professional men and latterly as the high priests of business in the headquarters of the world's first accountancy body.This is only a small part of the true story of 27 Queen Street, Edinburgh since 1891 the home of the capital's chartered accountants and since 1951 the headquarters of ICAS.


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