Providing business advisory services

The role of accountants is beginning to change as technology makes more and more possible. Increasingly, the developments in the digital world make it easier for clients to manage their accounting information in real time – take cloud accounting platforms, for example.

As a result, clients expect more in the way of guidance from their accountants in terms of service and providing a proactive rather than a reactive service. This could involve assisting in numerous ways such as:

  • Monitoring cash flow and forecasting any future "pinch-points"
  • Preparing projections based on real time accounting information – for example to support a loan application
  • Monitoring and forecasting key performance indicators

Expanding a firm's business advisory (BA) offering is something that firms seeking growth could wish to pursue instead of attempting to grow client numbers. This page provides some useful pointers and sources of information for those firms wishing to supply additional services in this area.

How do I do it?

We are in the process of preparing a useful helpsheet which outlines the sorts of service that you may wish to provide and includes a suggested methodology that you may wish to adopt for rolling these out across the firm.

Don't I already provide these sorts of services to clients?

You may well do, but the trick is getting the client to appreciate the added value nature of the work and this is what turns it into a revenue earning opportunity. Examples of areas where clients may require some additional assistance include:

  1. Preparing business plans
  2. Key performance indicators preparation & analysis
  3. Retirement planning
  4. Wealth planning
  5. Estate planning

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