Promoting Chartered Accountants

Promoting CAs as business advisers

We understand the importance of promoting the quality, status and professional standard of CAs. The CA badge is a mark of quality to you, to your clients, current and prospective employers, and other business advisers.

Make sure your adviser is a CA is about raising the profile of CAs to the wider public and differentiating CA from other qualifications.

We need your support. Help us to promote the CA standard to business owners, start-ups, entrepreneurs, local politicians, and those seeking business and tax advice. Help us to raise the profile of Chartered Accountants so CA is recognised as the mark of quality by everyone.

CA badges

CA badges have been developed to help you promote your status and differentiate your firm.


We encourage all CAs and CA firms to make use of this identity and we will support you by continually working to raise profile of the CA standard within the wider business community.

You can use this on any collateral you produce including stationery, brochures, websites, emails, business cards, flyers etc.

Window stickers

CA window stickers are also available to help you promote your CA status locally. You can use this in your office windows or even in your car.

Order form

You can order the CA badges, window stickers and hard copies of the Guide. Simply read the terms and conditions and guidelines for use, complete the request form and email this to


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