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28 June 2017

In May HMRC changed how they dealt with agent requests for client pay and tax details, due to security concerns.

Following the change agents can still request information via the helpline but information will be sent direct to clients.

At the time HMRC announced that they were working on a digital facility to enable agents to access clients’ details securely online.  HMRC are now ready to run a trial of this new web based service.

HMRC have supplied ICAS with information on this trial and ICAS members have the chance to volunteer to take part.  Members can also register an interest in two other trials – Making Tax Digital for business and Master Customer Journey mapping.  

Trial of new digital service for Agents

HMRC is committed to making it easier for agents to access information and transact online on behalf of their clients.  As part of this work HMRC would like to invite agents to take part in a ‘proof of concept’ trial for a new service.

The service, which HMRC plans to make available during July 2017, will initially offer a view of the following information about a chosen client from the 2016-17 tax year:

  • Pay
  • Tax paid
  • Employer name
  • PAYE reference 

For the purposes of the trial HMRC would like agents and one or two of their clients to register for the service.  HMRC will continually update and improve the service based on feedback through to the end of the trial in September.

What HMRC will ask of agents

HMRC hopes agents will take part in this trial and provide feedback that will help shape and develop a service that meets their needs and the needs of clients they act for. To do this HMRC would like agents:

  • To work closely with them and provide feedback on the service.
  • To identify one or two clients willing to test and also provide feedback on the service.
  • To be available on and around the 17 July to test the system.

Register an interest in other trials

In addition to the above trial, there will be further opportunities for agents and businesses to take an active part in transforming HMRC’s digital services:

  • Additional agents to participate in the Making Tax Digital for Business pilot over the coming months
  • Agents to express an interest in being part of a future Master Customer Journey: these are a fresh approach, pioneering high-level journeys developed around personas and mapping from the customer’s perspective, truly putting the customer at the heart of future transformation.

How to take part

To join in this exciting opportunity to shape a new service please email us by close of business on 6 July 2017 stating your willingness to participate and providing the following information:

  • Your name
  • Name and address of the firm you are representing
  • Your email address
  • Contact telephone
  • Confirm the number of clients you have
  • SA Agent code

If you also wish to participate in either or both of the two future opportunities, please indicate this in your reply.


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