New resource on charity tax launched

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By Isabelle Bell

2 May 2016

A new website to help charities and non-profit organisations navigate charity tax issues has been launched.

The Charity Tax Group (CTG) website allows organisations to find important tax information using an interactive ‘Charity Tax Map’.

The Tax Map includes detailed explanations of the taxes that charities have to pay and any relevant tax reliefs that apply to a particular activity.

The website also includes information on the cost and impact of taxation on the sector and updates on tax changes.

John Hemming of the Charity Tax Group said that that the new resource is a unique tool to “help charities navigate their way through the often complex tax landscape”.

He added: “The new Tax Map has the added facility for navigating by activity as well as tax types. By cross-cutting the tax types, the reader is able to review very quickly all the taxes that might be involved in a particular activity. The website also provides links through to the relevant guidance on the website.”

Christine Scott, ICAS Assistant Director, Charities & Pensions, said:” ICAS commends the Charity Tax Group for the development of a new Charity Tax Map which will be an invaluable resource for the sector.  The UK’s tax code is known for its length and complexity and there is a tendency to view the challenges this brings as a matter for individual taxpayers, commercial businesses and their advisers.  From the Charity Tax Map, it is clear to see that for charities complying with the tax code while maximising the resources available for good causes is not easy task.”

The Charity Tax Group (CTG) has over 500 members of all sizes representing all types of charitable activity. It was set up in 1982 to make representations to UK Government on charity taxation and has since become the leading voice for the sector on this issue.


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