MindMate making a sustainable difference

By Anne Adrain, ICAS

15 January 2016

A world-leading dementia app received a welcome boost recently by winning the 2015 ICAS Sustainable Business competition and the cash prize of £1,500.

The competition, supported by the Bulmer Foundation, IME and SSE, was open to anyone under the age of 30 with an original business idea that is environmentally, socially and financially sustainable.

After a public vote, the MindMate app was announced as the winner for addressing the broader definition of sustainability by tackling a key social issue, shown through their moving video and strong business plan.

The app was developed by University of Glasgow and Strathclyde University graduates Susanne Mitschke, Patrick Renner (both pictured above), Rogelio Arellano and Gabriela Matic, after one of their grandparents began suffering from Alzheimer’s.

MindMate App

Free for patients with dementia, the app provides brain training, reminders, nutrition advice, exercises and information about dementia on an easy to use platform.

Prior to launch the app was trialled by 100 people, 70 of whom are still using the app daily. Within the first eight weeks of the app’s launch 8,000 users had already signed up for the free service, with the oldest user being 93 years old.

Along with the free patient app, the team have also developed a paid app that can be used by carers to support the app used by the dementia patient.

The MindMate team are now looking to launch the apps in the German and Spanish speaking markets and are continuing to improve their innovative app that really does make a difference to so many people’s lives. The MindMate app is now available on the App Store.

Dave Marshall from the Bulmer Foundation and the ICAS Sustainability Committee said: "It was good to see young minds applied to solving a big social issue, thinking about the practicalities and how success would be measured."


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