ICAS response to proposed LBTT supplement on additional residential homes

ICAS has responded to the Scottish Parliament’s
Finance Committee proposed LBTT supplement on additional residential homes

3 February 2016

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Key Points

  • The additional tax charge will apply to much more than an individual acquiring a second home. For example, it appears that any acquisition of residential property by a company will be subject to the additional charge, subject to any relief for bulk purchases. It is not clear what will be the impact on the property market with an LBTT supplementary charge of 3% on property sales.
  • The LBTT supplement may have an effect on the supply of new private rental accommodation in Scotland as potential landlords are discouraged by the LBTT supplement and existing landlords do not expand their portfolios. Other changes to the tax system to be introduced by the UK Government will have an impact on landlords.


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