ICAS calls for research on discounting in financial reporting


4 April 2017

ICAS has issued a new call for research on the theory and practice of discounting in financial reporting under IFRS.

ICAS is interested in sponsoring research which considers questions, concerns, proposals and recommendations related to discounting under IFRS.  This research should be helpful in informing current practices and also have the potential to deliver evidence to the IASB and regulators.

Discounting in financial statements is often perceived as a complex and academic topic, but in fact has significant social and economic impact.  It therefore merits greater attention from policy-makers, preparers and users of financial statements, amongst others.  

Discounting has a fundamental effect on areas such as pensions and impairments, and influences decision-making that can have significant and long-lasting economic impacts, such as pension scheme closures.

Discounting is a requirement under several IFRSs. These requirements have different objectives and theoretical bases in different standards, and the way that discounting is to be applied differs across standards.  In spite of this inconsistency and its complexity and importance, discounting is, however, paid only limited attention by academic accounting research.  

A significant evidence gap therefore remains.  

Funding up to a maximum of £20,000 is available per research project, which may be payable as a fee to an individual or a university.  Applications are welcomed from researchers and institutions anywhere in the world.  

Further details regarding this opportunity, including details of research questions which are of specific interest to ICAS, are available.  

The deadline for expressions of interest is 31 May 2017.


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