ICAS and HMRC employment tax update

Speaker and audience
By ICAS Tax Team

16 March 2017

Employment taxes have been modified, simplified and in some cases, petrified, but the largest source of Exchequer income in the UK continues to mystify and yes, terrify employers and advisers alike.

Justine Riccomini and Ian Grant will attempt to unravel the current hot topics in employment tax and slay a few myths in the process in a discussion group meeting on 28 March at CA House, Edinburgh.  

The joint HMRC and ICAS discussion approach will hopefully throw a few bones of contention into the works in terms of different stances on these convoluted and ever-changing taxes, but the audience should gain a reasoned sense of what is happening in the world of employment taxes on both sides of the fence today, and how to tackle them with clients.

The speakers look forward to welcoming you and interacting with you at the event, which will take place at CA House, 21 Haymarket Yards, Edinburgh EH12 5BH at 16.30 until 18.30. For further details and to book your place at this free event, please contact cferguson@icas.com.


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