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There has been a slow but steady transformation in the accountancy profession over the past decade with accountancy software providers, amongst others, moving from 'on premise' to 'cloud' offerings, and this is increasingly impacting on how business owners look at their 'books'.  

They are now looking for accurate information at the touch of a button, accessible from anywhere in the world on their mobile phones or tablets.  ICAS CAs have always embraced and promoted different ways of working and technological advancements that help their clients improve their businesses and, because we believe that 'cloud accounting' will become the norm in the foreseeable future, we want to encourage all practising accountants to be forward thinking and to encourage businesses to take advantage of new technologies in a way that will improve their efficiency and profitability.

Accountancy firms have an enormous opportunity to assist their clients in making the transition from 'on premise' to 'cloud', but to do so, they must decide what their approach is going to be.  While some businesses will be well placed to embrace this technology and the benefits it brings, others may appreciate some guidance.

There has been much written about 'cloud accounting', but nothing which sets out an A to Z of how accountancy practices should go about developing a suitable service offering.  ICAS has therefore partnered with FreeAgent to sponsor a White Paper and toolkit called 'How to create your firm's cloud proposition'. Written by Richard Sergeant, it is designed to help practitioners develop and deliver a cloud accounting service, and will address issues such as:

  • Do we have a strategy?
  • Refining the proposition
  • Market research
  • Selecting the right software
  • A workflow that works
  • Training to become cloud experts
  • Clear marketing objectives
  • Effective on boarding

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