How effective is Business Gateway?

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By Alice Telfer, Head of Business Policy and Public Sector, ICAS Policy Leadership

5 June 2018

A Scottish Parliamentary Committee is seeking views from SMEs, business organisations and those who work in business support and economic development to understand their experiences of local support for business, including Business Gateway.

A survey and call for evidence have been published.

The aim of the inquiry is to understand the range of support services available to new and existing small and medium-sized businesses at a local level across Scotland, with a particular focus on Business Gateway.

Local authorities are also requested to confirm how much money is spent on Business Gateway services and how they measure the impact of this spend.

The Committee will evaluate current provision and explore ways of ensuring businesses receive the support they need to grow and succeed.

The Committee is seeking responses to the following questions:

Business gateway

1. What does Business Gateway do well and where can improvements be made?

2. What are your views on the quality of the following services delivered by Business Gateway:
(i) Online services;
(ii) Workshops, events and training;
(iii) Business adviser service.

3. Has the quality of service has changed over the years?

4. Why do some new and existing businesses choose not to use Business Gateway?

5. Can you give the Committee examples of how Business Gateway is helping existing businesses to grow; for example - starting to export, innovate or employ more staff?

6. How well have local authorities run Business Gateway services? What are your views on whether services are best delivered ‘in-house’ or contracted out?

Other sources of advice and support

7. What are the alternative sources of advice, funding and support available to Scotland’s businesses at a local level?

8. Where are there gaps in business support at a local level? What could be done to fill any gaps?

9. What other business support services (beyond the Business Gateway) are provided by local authorities and how important are they to local businesses?

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