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Andrew Young By Andy Young, Assistant Director HMRC Fraud Investigation Service (Civil) Scotland

16 May 2016

Andy Young explains the role of HRMC’s Fraud Investigation Service and you can find out more about its work at the ICAS Tax Conference on 24 May.

HMRC’s Fraud Investigation Service recognises that the vast majority of UK taxpayers are honest, and will pay their fair share to fund public services.

This is recognised and reflected in our compliance strategy, which is centred around three strands: promoting compliance, and preventing and responding to non-compliance.

This means helping the honest majority to get things right, dissuading those who may be tempted to evade taxes and if necessary responding appropriately to those who may choose to evade and avoid their responsibilities.

The strategy is about balance across the entire system and all taxpayers.

My role, and the role of our Fraud Investigation Service teams across Scotland and the UK, is primarily focused on the ‘respond’ element of the above strategy.

We aim to deal with everything from error through to deliberate, systemic criminal attack.

The Fraud Investigation Service workshop, at the ICAS Tax Conference in Glasgow on 24 May, 2016, will consider how HMRC interacts with non-compliant customers – and how others can encourage their customers to remain compliant.


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