Have your say on key ICAS policy themes and positions

By Amy Hutchinson, Head of Research, ICAS

23 May 2017

We're keen to hear your views on ICAS policy themes and positions.

The ICAS Policy Leadership Board (PLB) works on behalf of ICAS members and in the wider public interest to influence and develop policy, in the UK and globally, across a wide range of topics of relevance to members.

The work undertaken by the PLB and its underlying Expert Panels is a mixture of reactive and pro-active, from responding to a consultation document issued by the IASB, contributing to debates on international tax policy, pursuing regulatory change in Europe, issuing guidance for boards on KPIs, to publishing innovative thought leadership publications on the future of assurance.

But are you aware of the policy themes and positions that the PLB and the Expert Panels are currently pursuing on your behalf?  These themes and positions are now publicly available and we would welcome any feedback or comment on these.

Please get in touch if you have views on:

  • The existing policy themes and positions;
  • Other policy themes and positions which you believe ICAS should pursue;
  • Suggestions of issues which are or will affect the profession and business, in the UK; or internationally, either now or in the future, which you believe should be considered by ICAS.

The PLB comprises senior ICAS members who voluntarily give up their time to ICAS to represent our diverse members' views and is supported by staff from the ICAS Policy Leadership Team.

ICAS Expert Panels

  • Auditing and Assurance Panel
  • Business Policy Panel
  • Charities Panel
  • Corporate & Financial Reporting Panel
  • Pensions Panel
  • Public Sector Panel
  • Sustainability Panel

The Strategy and Research Advisory Group undertakes horizon scanning to advise the PLB and the Policy Leadership team, as well as overseeing the research portfolio.

The Tax Board and its Committees represent the members in influencing in the wide range of tax matters, and oversees how ICAS serves and represents the Tax Community and CAs working in tax and ICAS Tax Professionals (ITPs).

Applications to undertake independent research which are aligned with these themes and policy positions are welcome.  Find out more on our research funding page.


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