How will Brexit affect tax? Send us your views

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Charlotte Barbour By Charlotte Barbour, ICAS Director of Taxation

11 August 2016

Charlotte Barbour, ICAS Director of Taxation, asks members to consider joining the Indirect Taxes Sub-Committee to contribute their views on Brexit.

Following the Brexit vote, and the new UK Government ministerial appointments, there is currently uncertainty around the future of UK taxes that have ‘EU elements’ to them.

At present, certainly in relation to tax, it would appear to be ‘business as usual’ with no change for at least two years. However, in the fullness of time the Brexit consequences are likely to have a significant impact on the work of tax advisers, particularly in relation to VAT and Customs Duties.

ICAS is actively involved in representing members’ views to HM Treasury, HMRC and government, and the ICAS Tax Committee, with its five technical sub-committees, is responsible for putting forward the views of the ICAS Tax Community.

Much of the work around Brexit rests with the Indirect Taxes Sub-Committee, which is looking to recruit new members. If you could assist the sub-committee with its work, please contact for further information.


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