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The Business, Innovation and Skills Committee has launched an inquiry into access to finance.

The committee is looking at how the landscape for access to finance has developed since the end of the financial crisis. It is also focusing on improvements to finance which Government could make to boost the number of successful and high-growth businesses.

ICAS plans to respond. Member views are welcome. Please reply to Accounting&Auditing@icas.com by 3 Feb.

The Committee is seeking evidence on the following points

  • How has the landscape for access to finance evolved since the end of the financial crisis?
  • What have been the most successful Government policies to assist growing companies access private finance and where is there room for improvement?
  • Does the UK have globally competitive markets / suppliers for financing (and debt financing) at 1) seed 2) venture and 3) growth stages? What steps could Government take to strengthen these systems?
  • Are alternative methods of raising finance (such as crowd-funding and peer-to-peer) sufficiently well-regulated and monitored for companies to be confident in utilising them?
  • What are the main improvements or interventions, in terms of finance, that the Government should make to achieve the objective of increasing the number of successful and high-growth businesses in the private sector?

ICAS previously responded to the Treasury Committee in 2014. A copy of our earlier submission is available to download PDF [196 KB].


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