Current research projects at ICAS

ICAS is involved in many projects worldwide. If you have any questions about current projects, please feel free to contact us.

Ethics and integrity projects

Speak up? Listen up? Whistle-blow? - How ICAS members respond to ethical dilemas Catriona Paisey
Nick Paisey
Ioannis Tsalavoutas

Corporate reporting projects

Title Researcher(s)

What do we know about the 'true and fair view'?

David Alexander
Marios Costa
Omiros Georgiou
Markus Grottke
Thomas Schildbach

Are non financial performance indicators really 'key'? An investigation of companies' disclosure and analyst reports in the UK.

Laura Bini
Lorenzo Simoni
Francesco Giunta
Francesco Dainelli

Business and human rights: An explanation of reporting and assurance practice

John Ferguson
Marisa McVey

Evaluating the comparability and usefulness of disclosure of IFRS companies' non-financial performance measures

Lyndie Bayne
Marvin Wee
Ann Tarca

Audit and assurance projects

Co-ordination and communication challenges in global group audits: Evidence from component audit leaders Denise Downey
Anna Gold
Andrew Trotman
Unlocking the black box in fair value measurement. Examining how valuable specialists prepare and evaluate FVMX Dereck Barr-Pulliami
Jennifer Joe
Stephani Mason
Kerri-Ann Sanderson

Other business issues projects

Choice and Competition in the Scottish Insolvency MarketYvonne Joyce


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