Balancing the Board: Directors’ Skills and Diversity


The issue of diversity in business is never far from the headlines.  As recently as 2016, the UK government called for FTSE 350 companies to consider the ethnic diversity of their boards.  This is set against the backdrop of the government’s wide-ranging corporate governance review for both public and private companies.  In addition, recent developments in gender diversity on corporate boards include the implementation of gender quotas in several countries, since 2008.

The report analyses the characteristics of directors of UK listed companies during the period 2004-2013 through the construction of a comprehensive board diversity index, focussing on six specific characteristics:  age, gender, nationality, education, board experience, and professional experience. The index covers the FTSE 100, FTSE 250 and FTSE SmallCap and therefore provides a comprehensive data source. By further investigating the relationship between board diversity and financial performance, the study provides relevant findings and recommendations for both companies and policy-makers in considering how best to take forward the concept of the balanced board.

9 May 2017
Christine Mallin, Hisham Farag

Balancing the Board: Directors’ Skills and Diversity

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