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Available Keywords In REST Request (Order Keywords) Keywords Description Array of data for the each item in the order (as configured in the "Order Array" section) Response submitted for Delivery Method's question "X" Total number of quantity in the order Total number of item types in the order Total transaction amount excluding tax and delivery Total transaction amount including tax Total delivery amount Grand total transaction amount excluding delivery Total discount amount Grand total transaction amount before discount Grand total transaction amount Promotional code used Order date timestamp in YYYYMMDDHHNNSSKKKs000 format Order date timestamp in YYYY:MM:DD HH:MM:SS format Currency symbol for the transaction amount Asset Attribute: delivery_id Asset Attribute: ecom_ref_no The ID of the payment transaction returned by the Payment Gateway Assetid of checkout form which created this order Summary of this order %status% Status of ecommerce order Message which is related to the status URL to the page where to edit this ecommerce order XML representation of this order In Error Response Notification Email Keywords Description REST request headers REST request body content Response headers returned by the REST resource Response body returned by the REST resource NOTE: All keywords in the "Order Keywords" list are also available