SCABA: The charity for CAs in need

Scottish chartered accountants benevolent association (SCABA)

The Scottish Chartered Accountants’ Benevolent Association (SCABA) is a charity which supports CAs, their dependants and prospective CAs who are in need. SCABA was founded in 1919 and since then has supported hundreds of members and their families.

How does SCABA help?

We are here to help from the moment you step on the path to becoming a CA, throughout your professional life, and beyond. Your dependants can access our services too.

Life changing events mean that support may be needed for a variety of reasons such as ill health, redundancy, debt, re-training etc.

We help by providing grants, loans and support visits. We can provide:

  • Ongoing support grants when you are struggling financially.
  • One-off grants for example; for respite care, home adaptations and specialist equipment, funeral costs.
  • Training grants in situations where working in your chosen profession is no longer an option.
  • A financial advisor to help you get things under control and ease the pressure.
  • A visit from our Support Worker to provide a listening ear and practical support such as ensuring that you are accessing all the benefits and support available to you.

Hear from our beneficiaries

"A few years ago, I became ill and had to leave my employment as a Chartered Accountant and Financial Auditor. I contacted SCABA to see if they could be of any help in my time of need. They have surpassed my expectations on all fronts. I have kept in regular contact with SCABA which has provided emotional support and guidance. I have been able to continue living independently with financial grants which has made an enormous difference to my quality of life. SCABA has also been able to help me participate in some adult education courses which has been an important part of my recovery. Without SCABA, none of this would have been possible and I am so very grateful for the ongoing support and help that I receive." - WW.

"No matter how well you prepare and plan for eventualities, sometimes the unexpected can hit in ways you simply can't imagine. SCABA was there for me and my family to provide the support that meant I could focus 100% on my recovery. The compassion and speed with which they dealt with me took so much stress away, words alone really cannot express how much this has meant to me. My heartfelt thanks go to the Trustees." - AL

“I had to stop working because of illness. I received a grant from SCABA which helped me run a car, I lived in a rural area, and keep my independence. This enabled me to go swimming which was the only exercise I could manage, this ensured my mobility did not deteriorate even more.  In addition, I received extra grants when recuperating from operations, this helped me pay for extra help at home as I was living on my own. The association also helped with any form filling etc and  I always knew that there was support there should I need it which was very reassuring. “ - JH

Apply for assistance

Download an application form

For any questions or for help when completing the form, contact the Charity Administrator at or telephone 0772 293 2120.

Or write to
PO BOX 28843,

How can you support the work of SCABA?

2019 is SCABA’s centenary year. Now, as much as ever the continued generosity of members via donations and legacies is vital to help SCABA continue its work.

Donate to SCABA

Other ways to donate are by cheque, made payable to SCABA, to the address above, via your annual renewal form or through a bequest in your will. Thank you – we are very grateful for your kindness in supporting our work.

The Scottish Chartered Accountants Benevolent Association is a charity registered in Scotland SC008365.

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