Use of Description CA, ICAS Logo and CA Roundel

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In order to protect the public interest and the reputation of the profession, it is important that ICAS is able to carefully control the use of the description ‘Chartered Accountants’ and the designatory letters ‘CA’. We do this in a number of ways, including registered trademarks and enforcing specific provisions in our Rules and Regulations.

At the same time, we recognise how important it is for our Members and Firms to be able to distinguish themselves from unregulated accountants and to be able to utilise the market advantage of the CA brand.

ICAS want to enable our firms to promote the services as CAs and members of ICAS. Eligible firms are already able to adopt the description ‘Chartered Accountants’ and the CA Roundel.

ICAS has now introduced processes through which Firms can use the following in certain circumstances and subject to a Licence Agreement:

  • The designatory letters ‘CA’
  • The ICAS Logo
  • Use of CA Roundel

If your firm wishes to apply for permission to adopt the description “CA” or ICAS Logo or the CA Roundel please apply using the application forms below Please also read the guidance notes and relevant terms and conditions of use.

If your Firm has incorporated using “CA” in the registered name you should take immediate steps to notify Companies House of a new company registered name.

View Guidance Note for Firms

View Application Form

View Sample Licence Agreement

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