ICAS Regulation Board – reporting requirements

ICAS’ regulatory activities are subject to a variety of strict reporting requirements, which ensure not only that there is appropriate oversight of the activities, but also that there is transparency through public reporting.

Internal reporting by the Regulation Board

ICAS’ General Regulations require the Regulation Board to report:

  • To Council, on an annual basis.
  • To the Oversight Board, as and when requested.

The annual report to Council includes the following information:

  • Statements from the Chair and another Public Interest Member.
  • Governance information (e.g. current membership).
  • Key strategy and regulatory priorities.
  • Statistical information from the Authorisation Committee and Investigation Committee.
  • Risk analysis.
  • Key priorities for the coming year.
  • Board Evaluation Report

Internal reporting to the Regulation Board

At each meeting of the Regulation Board, it receives and discusses reports from the Authorisation Committee and the Investigation Committee. This allows the Regulation Board to monitor the activities of these Committees, to ensure that they are satisfactorily discharging the functions delegated by the Regulation Board.

The Regulation Board also receives detailed statistical information about all of ICAS’ regulatory activities, some of which is measured against Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This allows the Regulation Board to monitor performance and to challenge where appropriate.


The Regulation Board, Authorisation Committee and Investigation Committee each undertake a self-evaluation exercise every year.  This allows for a robust assessment of the effectiveness and impact of ICAS’ regulatory governance arrangements. The feedback is used by the Regulation Board and Council to ensure that the Regulation Board is fulfilling its remit under the General Regulations, with appropriate follow-up action taken on areas of improvement.

Public reporting

Each year, the Regulation Board publishes a Transparency Report. The aim of the report is to provide transparency to readers of ICAS’ regulatory activities, covering areas such as: complaints, monitoring activities, and CPD.

Additional reports are issued which cover specific regulatory functions.

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