Regulation Board and Committees

The Regulation Board is responsible for the effective oversight of the Regulatory Committees, regulatory policy and the maintenance of professional standards of Members, CA Student Members, Affiliates and Firms.

The Regulation Board meets four times per annum and reports annually to Council. The Board provides interim reports to each meeting of the Oversight Board. The Chairman of the Regulation Board is a member of the Oversight Board and Council.

The Regulation Board has delegated powers relating to the regulatory functions of ICAS and has established and sub-delegated these powers and functions to its Regulatory Committees.

The Regulation Board and the Regulatory Committees are comprised of CAs and Public Interest Members.

The Regulatory Committees are detailed below.

Investigation Committee

The Investigation Committee is responsible for determining whether Members, Firms, CA Students and ICAS Affiliates should be held liable for disciplinary action. It investigates complaints received from members of the public, as well as referrals from the other Regulatory Committees. Where a complaint or referral is upheld, the Committee has a range of disciplinary sanctions that can be applied, including warnings, reprimands and financial penalties.

For more information go to the Complaints section.

Authorisation Committee

Authorisation Committee

The Authorisation Committee was formed on 19 April 2016, following an internal review of governance, which recommended that the previous committee structure be streamlined. The Authorisation Committee will have the powers and duties previously held by the Audit Registration Committee, the Public Practice Committee, the Insolvency Permit Committee, and the CPD Regulatory Committee.

The Authorisation Committee is one of two regulatory committees that report to the Regulation Board.

The powers, duties and remit of the Committee are set out in the following applicable regulations:

The regulations can be accessed by searching ‘charter, rules and regulations’ at



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