ICAS guide to preparing for GDPR

Guide to GDPR for practice community

The General Data Protection Regulation (or "GDPR") represents the biggest shake-up of data protection law in almost 25 years. ICAS has created a guide to preparing for GDPR with customisable styles and checklists to help you and your team prepare for GDPR compliance before 25 May.

GDPR comes into force on 25 May 2018, ushering in a new regime for how personal data – broadly,  information about identifiable living individuals - must be handled, with a greater emphasis on transparency, and backed up with much tougher sanctions for breaches.

Given the importance of GDPR to ICAS Members and Firms, we have joined with the law firm, Brodies LLP, to produce a Guide which provides introductory practical guidance and support to CAs on some of the main issues we expect them to face when preparing for GDPR compliance.

You can also access the latest GDPR news and developments on the GDPR News page.

Preparing for GDPR
Understand how to approach GDPR compliance, to recognise what the requirements are for your firm and how you should be engaging with third parties.
Demonstrate your compliance
Learn how you can demonstrate your compliance and avoid or mitigate sanctions for breaches.
What to do if there's a breach
Expert guidance on expectations for dealing with a breach.

Download the ICAS Guide to preparing for GDPR and customisable templates

ICAS Guide to preparing for GDPR

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We've also created a checklist, register and customisable styles that you can use for your firm:

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