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The following help sheets and guidance have been developed to help educate and provide assistance to IPs with the aim of upholding standards. Topical issues brought to the attention of ICAS through its involvement in the Joint Insolvency Committee, the ICAS Insolvency Committee and the R3 Scottish Technical Committee are communicated to its IPs at various insolvency conferences, discussion groups, technical bulletins and email.

Since 2012 Insolvency Monitoring have issued an Annual Report. These Annual Reports can be found by searching Insolvency Monitoring Annual Reports on

Insolvency Monitoring Help sheets

Insolvency Monitoring Help sheet - Issue 7 PDF [138 KB]

In this edition we aim to share with you the areas, which appeared most frequently in the monitoring reports, prepared in respect of visits carried out in 2011.  There are also useful summaries of current topical issues, namely, AiB's Agency Contract, Paymex decision, implications of the Government's proposals for the changes to the regulation of IPs, realisation of equity in heritage in a difficult market and  SIP16 pre-packs.  (Created: 22 May 2012)

Insolvency Monitoring Help sheet - Issue 6 PDF [124 KB]

Useful topical issues about AiB's Agency contract, new Protected Trust Deeds, Client Money Regulations, SIP16 prepacks, Pension Protection Fund, case closure and EU Services Directive and monitoring issues about IP form of record, bonding, VAT on bond premiums, receipts & payments, intromitting with funds post discharge, Client Money Regulations and SIP3A disclosure.
(Created: 28 April 2011)

Insolvency Monitoring Help sheet - Issue 5 PDF [113 KB]

Useful topical issues about Redundancies - Duty to Consult, Pre-appointment Costs, SIPs and Follow-Up Visits and monitoring issues about Bordereau/Cover Schedule, Client Funds, VAT on Bond Premiums and SIP3A.
(Created: March 2010)  

Insolvency Monitoring Help sheet - Issue 4  PDF [87 KB]

Useful topical issues about the 5th round of monitoring, new Agency contract and SIPs and monitoring issues about global bank accounts, Turnkey Limited - IPS Turnkey, SIP3A and Bonding.
(Created: 17 April 2009)  

Insolvency Monitoring Help sheet - Issue 3  PDF [56 KB]

Useful information about the 5th round of insolvency monitoring, Court Reporters, Pension Protection Fund, New Trust Deed, Property Values, Global Bank Accounts and Enabling Bonds.  (Created: 20 February 2009 - Last Updated: 21 February 2009)  

Insolvency Monitoring Help sheet - Issue 2  PDF [25 KB]

Useful information about Money Laundering Identification, the Pension Protection Fund, Time on Complaints, Global Bank Accounts, etc.
(Created: 19 October 2007 - Last Updated: 19 June 2008)  

Insolvency Monitoring Help sheet Issue 1 PDF [15 KB]

Useful information about Trust Deed Bonding, Trust Deed, Planning for Retirement, Reports from the Accountant in Bankruptcy, SIPs, Business Books and Records and Case Review Checklists.
(Created: July 2004)

Additional relevant insolvency help sheets

Download Clients' Money Regulations PDF [213 KB]

This help sheet is intended to assist members in practice with the regulations governing money held on behalf of clients.  

Download Provision of Services Regulations - The information requirements for accountancy firms PDF [142 KB]

This help sheet provides guidance on the requirements of the European Union (EU) Services Directive, as enacted in the UK under the Provision of Services Regulations, and specifically the information disclosure requirements that members in practice will require to meet from 28 December 2009. There are additional disclosure requirements for Insolvency Practitioners which are set out in the help sheet.   

Download Signing off accounts, returns and other documents PDF [114 KB]

The ICAS is often asked what the legal requirements or best practice are for signing off accounts, correspondence and a variety of other documents. This help sheet summarises some examples of what ICAS considers to be acceptable practice.

Download Anti-money laundering legislation - a brief guide to the requirements PDF [94 KB]

This help sheet provides the basic legislative background affecting practitioners; highlights the policies and procedures required to be in place; details common weaknesses found by the ICAS Quality Review process; and provides information on where to obtain further detailed information and advice.


This publication is produced quarterly by the Insolvency Technical Department and is available to download in PDF Format. 


There are various publications produced by the Insolvency & Regulation Monitoring team that can be downloaded below.

Your Insolvency Monitoring Visit

A guide to Insolvency Practitioners on what to expect:

Download A Guide to your Insolvency Monitoring Visit PDF [37 KB]

Pre-Visit Questionnaire

The documents and information that Insolvency Practitioners are required to prepare for a visit:

Download Pre Visit Questionnaire PDF [83 KB]

Visit Feedback Form

The feedback form which Insolvency Practitioners are requested to complete at the end of the visit:

Download Visit Feedback Form PDF [37 KB]


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