Make Your Professional Development Count Programme

ICAS is excited to bring you a new professional development programme called 'Make Your Professional Development Count'.

Andrew Penker, Director of People, explains the ICAS Professional Development framework and the launch of an exciting new programme for CAs.

As a CA you are a world-class professional and must maintain the highest levels of professional competence that comes with being an ICAS member. Keeping up-to-date technically is one aspect but how do you develop as a leader and how do you become accountable for your career?  

Our members have a range of options available to them, including in-house services and exercising personal preference in the provider they trust with their professional development.

Transforming PD for Members

At ICAS our objective is to transform professional development for our members and fast-paced changes in the global, economic, legal, structural and cultural challenges that exist in the modern workplace, our aim is to provide professional development that is globally relevant to all members. 

To this end, we have created a new programme called Make Your Professional Development Count.

How does it work?

The Make Your Professional Development Count Programme has three key pillars:

In focusing on these key development areas, we intend to provide our members with an innovative range of market-leading products and services that are personally sourced and endorsed by ICAS.

These are world-class initiatives of the highest quality, value for money, and are delivered across many different channels irrespective of where they work in the world and at every stage in their career.

The programme is underpinned by a framework of knowledge, skills, values, attitudes and ethics to ensure our professional development offering is relevant to attain and maintain their professional competence as world-class professionals.

Our programme is delivered across appropriate and relevant channels that include:

  • Events and conferences
  • Online virtual content including webinars
  • Networking
  • Volunteering

As we prepare future generations of CAs, our programmes will develop and evolve alongside you to meet the challenges of the future. Throughout these changes we hope to always be the trusted constant to ‘make your professional development count’.

Want to find out more?

For more information on Making your Professional Development Count and to see the range of initiatives available for members and your organisation, visit Technical, Careers and Leadership and Management.

We’d love to hear your feedback and if you would like to get involved in shaping the future of professional development at ICAS, contact

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