Working capital management

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Online course

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Every business needs adequate liquid resources in order to maintain day-to-day cash flow. It needs enough cash to pay wages and salaries as they fall due and to pay creditors if it is to keep its workforce and ensure its supplies.

Maintaining adequate working capital is not just important in the short-term. Sufficient liquidity must be maintained in order to ensure the survival of the business in the long-term as well. Even a profitable business may fail if it doesn't have adequate cash flow to meet its liabilities as they fall due.

What you will learn

  • Understand the meaning of working capital
  • Appreciate what Working capital management relates to
  • Learn about some key liquidity ratios used to understand more about a business' working capital position
  • Understand various techniques used to manage working capital

Who should attend

Business and financial controllers, accountants, credit controllers and payment officers, internal auditors, accounting / IT business process owners, systems accountants, bank commercial teams, purchase teams. The course will be valuable to anyone responsible for managing any part of the working capital pipeline

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  • Definition of working capital
  • Cash management and decision-making
  • Different working capital profiles
  • Working capital ratios
  • Techniques to manage working capital


Online course


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