The best leaders keep learning

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By Eleanor O'Neill, Professional Development

26 June 2017

Being the face of a company, the head of an organisation or the decision-maker at a global conglomerate carries a substantial share of responsibility with it.

The role of a leader is an ever-changing one. Gone are the days when a CEO was an anonymous figure behind the name on an annual report; today's world of digital media and public scrutiny requires a visible figurehead.

It isn't always easy for talented leaders to admit to flaws or gaps in their skill set but anyone occupying a chair in the C-suite must be aware of where their potential for improvement lies. As such, you are responsible for taking your own development in hand.

The very best leaders keep learning

They learn how to tailor their leadership to the context of the different businesses, cultures, and people they encounter over the course of their career. It is important to engage and inspire those around you so they can keep driving you and your organisation forward.

Your work provides ample opportunity for self-reflection: 

  • What could you be doing differently? 
  • What could you be doing better? 
  • Do you have those answers or should you consider asking a trusted colleague, mentor or coach for their input?

A growth mindset can help you stay open to the possibilities of professional development, as well as the opportunities for personal advancement that may present themselves. Setbacks become lessons, and achievements feel more worthy of celebration.

You need that clear measurement of success, both for yourself and others. You can only lead if you have a goal in mind and a level you want to reach.

The best leaders keep learning because it is necessary in order to remain the best.

Sir Brian Souter on how leaders are shaped by their mentors


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