Infographic: Who are the ICAS mentors?

Picture of someone using a tablet to connect with their mentor
By Alex Burden, Professional Development Editor

26 October 2016

ICAS Career Mentoring combines a sophisticated mentor/mentee matching system with a straightforward sign-up process. But who are the ICAS mentors, and what can they offer?

Prospective mentors and mentees are asked a number of questions focusing on their location, sector experience and when they are available. Using these criteria, the Career Mentoring programme presents the mentee with a choice of mentors who best fit their needs.

One in four are based outside the UK and work with a range of differing business cultures. Whether you work in business, practice or the third sector, our mentors have knowledge and shareable skills; 25% of participants also have direct experience in the accountancy, banking and finance worlds.

With 74% of mentors typically having 15 or more years of post-qualified experience, all of our CA mentors have invaluable insight into life on the frontline of being a CA.

Our mentors can:

  • Help you set goals.
  • Monitor and reflect on how those goals have been achieved.
  • Encourage and support reflective practice for mentees.
  • Offer you their time, typically up to four hours (88% of our mentors) on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Interested? By signing up the ICAS Career Mentoring programme, you will be joining over 500 fellow CAs who are benefiting from mentoring.

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