Webinar and video updates: Your professional development

Webinar and video updates

Our innovative webinar programme aims to give you the flexibility and convenience to grow your professional development.

We offer a series of webinars both live and on-demand (from a whole host of technical experts, business leaders or ICAS partners) on a range of interesting professional development topics, so than you can easily ensure you keep your knowledge up-to-date as well having the opportunity to pick up hints or tips that may help you improve your skill-set.

Leadership & Management

SHARP Leadership - Leadership Development with Potentialife

Build your leadership skills and understand how to use them to advance your career with our exciting new leadership development programme - SHARP Leadership with Potentialife. SHARP Leadership is a nine month leadership and behavioural change programme, designed to help you strengthen your leadership and management skills whether you’re newly qualified or at the most senior level. Details: You can watch the recorded webcast and find out more.

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Career Mentoring in Action

In this short video and webinar we hear from a range of experienced CAs about the key benefits Career Mentoring can bring to CAs.

Video - the benefits of mentoring

Webinar - the DNA of a successful mentor

Mentoring Masterminds - The Growth Mindset

When leaders embrace a growth mindset they promote to their employees an environment of innovation, collaboration and conversations, all intended  to accelerate  growth. If you are a leader or high performer aspiring for progression, learn more about how Mentoring Masterminds from Leading Figures can help. Details: coming soon.

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Preparing for partnership 

Becoming a partner can happen in different ways, but all require determination to refine your skills and step outside your comfort zone when reaching for success. Discover key qualities and techniques that are necessary for taking the next important step in your career, in this short audio interview.

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Video updates from James Barbour, ICAS Director of Technical Policy

2015 Video Updates

2016 Technical Updates

Webinar: The future of audit and assurance

Details: 11 November 2016 at 8.30am for approx 1 hour.

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