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Webinar and video updates

Our innovative webinar programme aims to give you the flexibility and convenience to grow your professional development.

We offer a series of webinars both live and on-demand (from a whole host of technical experts, business leaders or ICAS partners) on a range of interesting professional development topics, so that you can easily ensure you keep your knowledge up-to-date as well having the opportunity to pick up hints or tips that may help you improve your skill-set.

Webinar: AML compliance and a technology transition

ICAS and Amiqus presents the first instalment of a webinar series on AML compliance for accountancy firms. In April 2019, ICAS announced a new partnership with anti-money laundering and compliance specialists Amiqus ID. Amiqus ID provide ICAS members with a single point of access to the upfront and ongoing compliance checks required for clients and staff.

Watch this inaugural webinar to find out:

  • why we partnered
  • the AML responsibilities for accountancy firms
  • how technology adoption can help you meet your compliance obligations

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Webinar: Contemporary Financial Crime Risk Management

This free on-demand webinar recording explores the latest developments in financial crime risk management and examines what businesses should consider in building their risk management response. Chris Usher (Head of International Financial Centres at BPP) hosted this session and discussed the extra-territorial nature of international financial crime legislation, the role of increasingly emboldened international regulatory bodies and evolving typologies of risk such as tax evasion risk management and sanctions breaches.

Who will benefit from watching:

  • Those with exposure to financial crime risk at any level.
  • Those who work in compliance and risk management within the financial services industry and related professions including accountants, lawyers, estate agents.
  • Those wishing to stay out of jail for breaches of financial crime legislation.

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Webinar: Get ready for Making Tax Digital in no time with QuickBooks

Join Mark McNee from QuickBooks for this ICAS exclusive webinar, as we discuss the MTD tools available for accounting professionals to comply in the shortest amount of time.

Watch this one-hour on demand webinar to:

  • Get first-hand experience from the MTD beta and what’s next from HMRC
  • Learn how to overcome the challenges facing your firm during the digital transition
  • Develop a seamless plan to onboard your clients to cloud accounting software
  • Have your questions answered in a live Q&A session

Jump start your Making Tax Digital journey with this free webinar.

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Webinar: Breaking down the 2018 Autumn Budget

This on-demand webinar provides an overview of the main announcements from the 2018 Autumn Budget and what they mean for you.

On the back of the Chancellor’s key budget announcements, BPP's Head of Tax Michael Steed provides analysis on what could be a critical statement for business and personal finance matters beyond next year.

Michael has a wealth of experience as a former ATT President and is current co-chair of the ATT's Tax Technical Committee and BPP's Head of Tax.

This one-hour webinar provides a great opportunity for insights and CPD time for finance and industry professionals.

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Webinar: Financial Crime

The FCA and regulators across the world state that part of their responsibility is to ensure that the integrity of the markets is maintained. UK financial institutions are responsible for minimising their risk of being used for criminal purposes, particularly the facilitation of money laundering or terrorist financing - banks and other regulated firms must ensure that they, and their clients, are protected from any aspects of these crimes.

UK firms and individuals with responsibilities are continually being held accountable for failure to implement systems and controls which can act as a deterrent, the most notable Deutsche in 2017 for £163 million. This webinar recaps on the essential components of financial crime and provides a useful compliance ‘Checklist’ against which you can benchmark your own firm’s defences.

This session is led by Vivienne Bannigan. Vivienne is a regulatory risk professional with extensive experience in Wholesale Capital Markets in both the public and private banking sector in the UK and internationally.

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Webinar: The top blind spots hidden in your finance data

What are the biggest gaps you need to watch out for to set your business up for success? Do you have visibility of all your travel booking data before it occurs? Are inefficient approval processes impacting your cash flow? And how accurate are the mileage expenses your employees are claiming? It can be a challenge to unpick when you don't have visibility over your entire travel, expense and invoice spend, but the costs of getting it wrong aren't worth the risk.

This free SAP Concur webinar shines a light on the biggest blind spots facing finance leaders in businesses of all sizes.

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Webinar: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The GDPR came into force on 25 May 2018 and represents a once in a generation change in the rules on data protection. This webinar from BPP (presented by Keith Markham) summarises the key changes introduced and discusses the practical steps that can be taken to ensure compliance.

Keith Markham is a former in-house lawyer now working as a freelance training consultant. He has more than ten years’ experience of both practising and lecturing in the field of data protection and is the author of ‘A Practical Guide to the General Data Protection Regulation’.

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Webinar: Finance Business Partnering

The concept of finance managers playing a fuller business role is not new. However, the current heightened sense of uncertainty, pressure on business performance delivery and accelerating advance of technology provide finance managers with a greater than ever imperative to develop their business partnership capabilities. This webinar offered through our training partner BPP and presented by Roy Chambers, provides an overview of the role, how it can be developed further and practical tips to succeed.

Roy is a finance professional with international senior commercial experience in a major Plc and a background in finance training. Roy combines experience with development skills delivering programmes that reflect a hands-on knowledge leading finance functions.

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Webinar: Key Principles of Transfer Pricing

Transfer Pricing (TP) is a major strand of tax DNA that affects mostly multi-national corporations (MNCs) operating across international boundaries. This invasive principle demands that group members of MNCs price their goods and services between them on an arm’s length basis and this helps tackle the long-held practice of shifting profits artificially out of high tax environments into low tax environments.

The principles of TP were set out by the OECD and have undergone changes since their inception – most recently following the Basal Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) Action Plan. The rules lay down a number of methods that MNCs should adopt depending on the service or good involved in the transaction. Some are easier to apply than others.

But TP is not just an international issue; it is also a national issue within the UK and will affect the prices that UK groups of companies charge between them.

HMRC is concentrating its efforts on TP issues as part of its drive to force MNCs to “play by the rules”. This year some 250 investigation cases will be launched by HMRC and they expect to recover some £1bn of tax.

But it’s not just TP – MNCs will also need to be aware that HMRC is also looking at Diverted Profits Tax (DPT) - a quasi-corporation tax at 25% (so appreciably higher than the UK background rate of 19% CT) that arises when companies artificially divert profits out of the UK and which can be seen as a souped-up version of TP. These investigations can be settled by adjusting UK TPs, so that more UK corporation tax is collected.

This BPP webinar looks at the issues and discussing some of the problems. Gary Buick and Michael Steed from BPP are joined by Jeremy Mindell.

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On-demand video: Masterminds - The Growth Mindset

When leaders embrace a growth mindset they promote to their employees an environment of innovation, collaboration and conversations, all intended to accelerate growth. If you are a leader or high performer aspiring for progression, learn more about how the ICAS Masterminds Executive Coaching Programme from Leading Figures can help.

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On-demand video: ICAS Gold Dust Career Insight Series

This video series will run throughout 2017, featuring ‘gold dust’ insights from fellow CA members who have experienced exceptional and interesting career journeys since being admitted into ICAS membership.

Popular Radio DJ Paul Harper from Heart FM speaks with CAs to reflect on their key insights and career defining moments that have helped them get to where they are today.

The first of our Career Insights features current ICAS President, Sir Brian Souter. Sir Brian talks about the importance of the CA qualification to his success, defining moments in his career and also introduces some of his plans as president of ICAS.

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The ways of learning are changing, technologies are shifting, people are watching, reading and listening more. Members are always online and ready to engage. And so are we, which is why we have a range of online learning resources and on-demand content to support your professional development.

If you have any suggestions on what future content you would like to see, please contact us.

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Webinar: Top 20 Excel shortcuts – get things done quicker

If you want to improve your speed and efficiency with Excel then your first step is to become familiar with some of the shortcuts that are available. The secret to success is to identify the things you do all the time, learn the shortcut, then force yourself to use it, every time. It will feel awkward at first but with a little perseverance you will be amazed at the difference and will never look back. Whether you are an accountant or any other professional if you use Excel then this webinar is for you. This webinar delivered by our training partner BPP's lead Financial Modelling trainer, Dave Marlow demos some of the more useful shortcuts and provides materials to help you practice on your own.

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Webinar: Financial Reporting Updates – IFRS 9, IFRS 15 & IFRS 16

The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) has published three major International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) that will become effective in the next few years. Will you be affected? This webinar gives a broad outline of the new standards, looking at what’s changed and the potential impact these changes could have to you and your business, in the wider context.

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Webinar: Reporting the impact of climate change - a new framework for financial disclosure

In this 45-minute webinar, hear from guest speakers: Mark Campanale, Carbon Tracker Initiative; and Jon Williams, Partner PWC and FSB TCFD member; about why including climate change in financial disclosures is becoming more mainstream, and what this might mean for the accounting profession.

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Webinar: The changing world of audit and assurance

In an increasingly digital business world, where more information is readily available about a company’s performance which goes beyond the traditional financial statements, how does audit and assurance also need to evolve and what does it mean for the auditors of the future? Watch this webinar to find out...

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Webinar: Essentials Skills for FDs and CFOs

In this short webinar, we hear from experienced finance professionals Garry Buick and Richard Mallet about the essential skills they feel are required to be successful Finance Directors or Chief Financial Officers.

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Leadership & Management

Webinar: Power of One

ICAS launched its ‘The Power of One’ campaign to help re-establish ethics at the core of business practices and to rebuild public trust in business.

Through their ethical behaviour, CAs are a force for good in the organisations in which they work. They can also influence those around them, and thereby help shape the culture and values of their organisation.

In this webinar ICAS Chief Executive, Anton Colella explains the background to the initiative, explains the key themes of ‘The Power of One’ and provides an update on the activity to date and that of which is planned for the future.

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Webinar: The Fourth Industrial Revolution

The world is becoming increasingly more connected, and increasingly everything is starting to become connected to everything else. It is becoming a truly digital world.

Digital in business has produced a fundamental challenge, how we take all of this data, turn it into information and knowledge and through scenario planning, turning this knowledge into economic value. Gartner predicts that 50% of the Fortune 500 will miss this transition and will cease to exist in their current state within the next five years.

Watch our webinar on the Digitisation of Business, by Matthew Smith, Global Head of Market Development for the Internet of Things at Cisco – where he outlines some of the macro challenges and some of the opportunities that can help steer your business along the road to a successful digital transition.

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Career Mentoring in Action

In this short video and webinar, we hear from a range of experienced CAs about the key benefits Career Mentoring can bring to CAs.

Video - the benefits of mentoring

Webinar - the DNA of a successful mentor

Career Insights video series

In this short video and webinar, we hear from a range of experienced CAs about the key benefits Career Mentoring can bring to CAs.

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Preparing for partnership 

Becoming a partner can happen in different ways, but all require determination to refine your skills and step outside your comfort zone when reaching for success. Discover key qualities and techniques that are necessary for taking the next important step in your career, in this short audio interview.

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