Using excel techniques to analyse data - Intermediate

26 October 2017
Edinburgh, Aberdeen

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Edinburgh, 26 October 2017
Aberdeen, 27 October 2017 

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This one day course offers quick tips to utilise the power of Excel.

This course involves; analysing large data sets, familiarity with a variety of reporting tools, array formulae and CSE keystrokes, nesting functions, data manipulation and text extraction, as well as scenario analysis and macro automation.

This course is aimed at those using Excel on a regular basis wishing to learn more about performing various forms of analysis. Also support staff, finance professionals and analysts wanting to increase their functional knowledge of Excel.

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Our technology courses include excel training and financial modelling which covers practical scenarios which delegates are likely to encounter in the work place. The excel trainers are talented course designers and presenters with experience spanning over three decades. 

The Financial Modelling team specialise in training in corporate finance and modelling. In addition, they have completed a number of consulting assignments in the financial modelling field.

They have a wealth of experience training professionals, in both practice and industry, in all areas of financial modelling, accounting and financial analysis. Our technology teams have trained all over the world, including Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt, New York, Singapore, Sydney, Kampala and Abu Dhabi.

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Learning outcomes include obtaining a greater understanding of:

  • Time savers
  • Pivot tables and charts
  • Frequency distribution tables
  • Functions
  • Logical
  • Conditional
  • Error
  • Textual
  • Nesting (for increased power)
  • Array
  • The CSE keystroke method
  • Simplifying IF functions
  • Multi-cell array functions
  • The LOOKUP family
  • Flexible lookup methods
  • VLOOKUP alternatives
  • Practical solutions for complex data sets
  • Scenario building
  • Extensive conditional formatting
  • Data bars
  • Using formula based rules
  • Increased automation techniques using macros
  • Applying meaningful macro functionality
  • Viewing and simple editing of macro VBA code


Edinburgh, Aberdeen


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