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Working in partnership with BPP, Europe's largest specialist training provider, there are over 200 face-to-face courses on offer from a wide range of topics, to give you greater choice and flexibility as to how you develop.

Browse our range of taxation courses below.

20/02/2018Corporation tax refresher and updateEdinburgh
20/02/2018Essential tax update for the accountant in practice or employmentEdinburgh
06/03/2018Contractor Tax (including IR35)Edinburgh
07/03/2018Farming, diversification and renewablesAberdeen
23/04/2018Cradle to Grave - Tax Planning for Individuals & FamiliesEdinburgh
23/04/2018Personal Tax Update & ReviewEdinburgh
30/04/2018Tax Efficient Extraction for OMB CompaniesEdinburgh
30/04/2018Tax Planning for Unincorporated BusinessesEdinburgh
01/05/2018International VAT & Customs Duties AppreciationEdinburgh
01/05/2018Practical VAT workshopEdinburgh
15/05/2018Corporation tax refresher and updateGlasgow
24/05/2018Tax Refresher for those Returning to PracticeEdinburgh
06/06/2018Tax Efficient Extraction for OMB CompaniesInverness
06/06/2018Tax Planning for Unincorporated BusinessesInverness
18/06/2018Tax Efficient Remuneration for Directors & EmployeesEdinburgh
03/07/2018Coping with Residence & Domicile Rules - for Employees & Other Visitors to the UKGlasgow
03/07/2018Essential Tax Update for the Accountant in Practice or EmploymentGlasgow
04/09/2018Tax Efficient Remuneration for Directors & EmployeesGlasgow
05/09/2018Tax Efficient Extraction for OMB CompaniesAberdeen
05/09/2018Tax Planning for Unincorporated BusinessesAberdeen
17/09/2018Cradle to Grave - Tax Planning for Individuals & FamiliesGlasgow
17/09/2018Personal Tax Update & ReviewGlasgow
27/09/2018Corporation tax refresher and updateEdinburgh
27/09/2018Taxation of Doctors & DentistsEdinburgh
02/10/2018International VAT & Customs Duties AppreciationAberdeen
02/10/2018Practical VAT WorkshopAberdeen
25/10/2018Coping with Residence & Domicile Rules - for Employees & Other Visitors to the UKEdinburgh
26/10/2018Contractor Tax (including IR35)Glasgow
26/10/2018Farming, Diversification & RenewablesGlasgow
07/11/2018International VAT & Customs Duties AppreciationGlasgow
07/11/2018Practical VAT WorkshopGlasgow
08/11/2018Tax Refresher for those Returning to PracticeGlasgow
19/11/2018Essential Tax Update for the Accountant in Practice or EmploymentEdinburgh
19/11/2018Farming, Diversification & RenewablesEdinburgh
26/11/2018Corporation tax refresher and updateAberdeen
04/12/2018Tax Efficient Remuneration for Directors & EmployeesAberdeen
05/12/2018Tax Efficient Extraction for OMB CompaniesGlasgow
05/12/2018Tax Planning for Unincorporated BusinessesGlasgow

We also offer a range of online learning and resources to help you develop your knowledge and skills wherever you are in the world, in the office, at home or whilst travelling.


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